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Future of Fashion: Where is it Headed

One of the most exciting things about being in the fashion industry is watching how fashion evolves; the fashion industry has shifted by becoming more digital. With the Metaverse being the new "fashion scene" for everyday people to acquire garments for their avatar's personal closets, the future of fashion will be entirely digital. Fashion brands like Balenciaga have already merged the two worlds of tech and style by creating avatar personas to model their garments in their Fall 21 campaign. Other fashion brands have even used software to create digital runway shows that display garments modeled on invisible bodies. With the fashion industry going digital, producing collections and consumers buying digital clothing for their avatars will lower the rate of overconsumption in the average person's wardrobe. It will be a more sustainable practice for the average person.

Regarding Niquelle, I want to be one of the fashion brands that collaborates with a video gaming company to make a digital fashion collection for all the characters in a game. I want Niquelle to be a brand known for merging the two worlds of fashion and tech together to stay relevant and appeal to a more specific audience.

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