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The Alter Ego that Started Niquelle

Whether we realize it or not, we all have an alter ego inside of us. As Sasha Fierce and Yonce are alter egos for Beyonce, Niquelle is my alter ego and muse that just happened to be the catalyst for my fashion brand. Niquelle is a female influencer that enjoys creating

fashionable looks, hanging out with friends, and listening to her favorite podcast. She gets inspired by art, music, and movies. Her fashion knowledge comes from reading her favorite fashion magazines, documentaries, and runway shows. Niquelle is a trendsetter whose style incorporates sophisticated everyday statement pieces that are unique. She admires garments that are not only stylish but adds value to her overall wardrobe. The women's styles I design in my collection steam from the idea of Niquelle's closet and what textures, fabrics, and materials she would wear. Even though Niquelle could handle her own on the fashion scene, she has a guy best friend who goes by Saint, whose style is a bit laid back but offers comfort, functionality, and creative designs. This sector of design is evident in my menswear garments. You can sometimes catch Niquelle sporting Saint's jackets around the city because when it comes to fashion and clothing, she doesn't see gender, just what looks good on her body. My alter ego represents the fashionista side of me.

Even though the Niquelle brand is centered around my alter ego lifestyle, I created the brand to offer clients garments I handcraft with quality textiles and materials that can be affordable and just as desirable as luxury brand products. Niquelle customers are people who want excellent quality clothing that can withstand the test of time in their wardrobe lifecycle. In a Niquelle piece, customers will benefit from having a garment made specifically for them that I tailor to their wants and needs. Niquelle garments will have customers feeling confident, stylish, and trendsetters in their own right.

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