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The New and Improved

Trendsetters get hit with a completely new look and feel from Niquelle. One may even think that the brand is under new management. However, no, I, Marquelle Bowden, aka Chole Bailey’s look-alike, am still running things. If you had a chance to read my blog post, The Alter Ego that Started Niquelle, you get to see firsthand how the brand is based on the lifestyle of my alter ego Niquelle. The logo, brand colors, and product have all changed.

Trendsetters will now be greeted with bold orange accents of silver, white, and black. The idea behind the rebranding is to not only produce a brand that I can be proud of but also have a brand that reflects the lifestyle of a trendsetter. The biggest thing I am changing is that Niquelle only specializes in outerwear, specifically jackets. This will allow me to really hone in on my skills as a fashion designer and to put all my energy into creating a signature product that my trendsetters can wear more as an everyday piece. Even though I’m having trendsetters wait in anticipation for the following collection that will drop in 2023, trendsetters will get a more behind-the-scenes look as to what I am designing and working on for the brand. My clients will still be provided with products that consist of quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. The best way for trendsetters to keep up with Niquelle is to follow her social media account @niquellethebrand and subscribe to the email list on


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