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The Brand

"Made for Trendsetters" Niquelle is a clothing brand that provides made-to-order outerwear garments for young adults, regardless of gender. Niquelle is a gateway brand to luxury for young adults.

The Woman: Marquelle B. 

Marquelle started her fashion journey at the age of twelve when her grandmother taught her the ways of sewing. From there, her imagination came alive in the hundreds of fashion illustrations she created during her teen years.

She holds a BA from Virginia State University, majoring in Family Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Textiles Apparel Merchandising and Management (TAMM).

Marquelle holds two certifications from Pensole Lewis College of Business and Design—one in Survey of Design Practices and Personal Branding and another in Color Design Development.

More recently, she obtained the Inside LVMH certification from LVMH, known for its retail luxury goods. 

Combining her love for Afro-futurism, streetwear, and her vision of the years ahead, she hand-makes unique outerwear that trendsetters can't find anywhere else. Taking traditional outerwear and using mixtures of various textiles, bold colors, and curvature style lines to produce trendsetting garments for trendsetters!

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