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About Niquelle

Hey Trendsetter! My name is Marquelle Bowden. I am the founder and designer for Niquelle. I design handmade outerwear pieces for young adults. Niquelle was born out of the idea of my alter ego coming to life. My design journey started at the age of 12 with designing sneaker designs. I was a sneakerhead in my teens, and my designs reflected my love for sneakers. As I got older, I began designing clothing. It wasn't until my junior year at Virginia State University that I designed and produced my first mini collection for Niquelle. In 2020, I officially started the brand Niquelle and had my first runway collection in 2021 in Virginia Beach, VA. 

My design aesthetic can be explained as taking elements from my personal style/streetwear and mixing them with outerwear construction. From the use of textiles and bold colors/prints, anyone who comes across a Niquelle piece can see the quality, craftsmanship, and passion I put into my products. For a long time, I viewed myself as a trendsetter, and for anyone who wears my brand, I want them to feel like a trendsetter too.

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